Owner / Main Host

For over 20 years, Chris has been an innovator in the financial services industry.

President of Principium Tactical Wealth Management, and CEO of Senior Benefits Group, he has successfully designed a cutting-edge process for retirement planning, incorporating both the unique “Tactical” methodologies and “Dynamic” designs for managed money.

With clients that reside in Fortune 100 companies, to many Professors, Doctors, and professional athletes, Chris has been able to carefully study the architecture of the plan designs employed by the wealthy.

Finding that many retirees aren't typically offered the same financial tools, he has turned his focus sharply on the retirement market. Chris conceived Principium to bring the same level of depth and attention to the mass affluent.

His expertise is exhibited through his years of public speaking, acting as a mentor to other Advisors, and his status as an original member of the illustrious IE (Independent Excellence) Group. Chris is featured regularly in some of our nation's leading publications such as US News and World Report, Forbes, SmartMoney, and many financial news websites.

Chris highlights his dynamic experiences and insights in each episode of Guarding the Harvest. When considering your next steps in retirement, you want to listen to the voice that speaks the truth - you want to listen to Chris Alberta.