Guarding The Harvest Episodes

The Delicate Dance

Chris explains the tools he uses in his office to analyze the potential pitfalls and compare an individual's risk tolerance with their actual holdings. He looks at the economy and talks about where the long-lasting damage may lie and reassures that there is an underlying opportunity in the market lows. In addition, he warns about preparing for changes in RMD's and Medicare in 2020 with the upcoming election.

Financial Landscape During Covid-19

Assessing the changes in market behavior during the pandemic. "Bomb shelter planning" what happens when fear, panic, and uncertainty drives the market. What retirees can do to make sure they can insulate their portfolio for the "long term game" - fill your financial plan with shelf-stable products.

Discipline Always, Politics Never

In this episode, Learn how to evaluate and gauge political fears during retirement as Chris and Frank discuss the mathematical merits of using low-risk investment mechanisms to grow wealth at a slow and steady pace.

Uprooting Retirement Unknowns

This episode touches on the debacle of Long Term Care insurance concerns, clarifies our position on the merit of annuity work, and reviews some of the popular misconceptions about the Medicare annual enrollment period.